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Misfire "CEL" - Survey

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In an effort to hopefully get Ford to acknowledge and appropriately address the P03xx codes (& associated CEL's)that many of us experience frequently with our Boss's, I'm asking that everyone who get them and wants the problem corrected on their car please respond to this post. Please simply indicate how many times it's happend, if you've had the suggested re-learn completed and if it fixed the problem or not.

IMO it is not only very frustrating when these occur but potentially dangerous if Limp Mode engages then disengages under heavy power (I believe there have been a few instances where this has caused people to spin out and / or crash).

There have been numerous discussions on this forum about this problem, but I'm hoping if we get enough people to chime in that Ford will pay more attention to the problem. Thanks in advance.

***My experience - P0300, P0304 & P0307 w/ CEL's (Approx 20 CEL's so far - limp mode about 1/2 the time). Happens nearly everytime I run the car as it was designed. Re-learn completed by dealer w/ no reduction in instances (in-fact they seem to happen more frequently).***
Thanks Jeep - I'm not going to get into it agian but my issues with my local dealers, Ford, Ford Racing and this problem are well documented on this forum. I'm looking to put together numbers to present to Ford so they wake up before I have to consider looking into the lemon law or contacting my state consumer advocacy bureau.

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