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MM Camber plates + Strut top mounts?


I forget if this came up before. Some quick searches didn't reveal it, so apologies if it has. I will be getting the Steeda Heavy Duty Upper Strut Mounts[1].
Which offer some camber adjustment. I also ordered the MM adjustable camber plates. Are these two pieces the same essential piece? Or are they separate parts (in purpose)
that can both be mounted on the car? any gotchas I should be aware of? I'm having a pro shop put them on along with lowered springs next Monday.

thanks and sorry if its a dumb question.

All you need are the MM camber plates. Send the others back.


I got these:

Maximum Motorsports Mustang Caster Camber Plates MM5CC-6 - 1

So the steeda strut top mounts don't add any value? Or they are redundant?


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
They are redundant if you have the MM plates; the MM plates replace the upper portion of the stock strut mount. It is not possible to install both.


It's these:

Maybe the part number has a typo in it.
darreng505 said:
It's these:

Maybe the part number has a typo in it.
It does have a typo in it. Just check the packaging and make sure you got the MM5CC-6.

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