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MRT Boss 302 H-Pipe

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Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Is anyone running the MRT Boss 302 H-pipe?
I'm not but I would like see if the car runs better without the cats. Even if it didn't make more power it should rev mucher quicker. It seems the coyote would benefit from that.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
yeah I want cats on the car to keep it from being raspy and ungodly loud. Just curious to see if anyone is running it. I am looking at the Kooks 1.75" headers and there h-pipe for the boss. But a huge huge part of me does not want to do a header install. I know what a PITA it is. Wish kook's would just make there H-pipe modular so it will work with stock headers then later add a piece and works with there headers. SLP does this with there stuff but they dont make a h-pipe for the boss that would retain the side exhaust.
I was thinking of getting that for when I finally get a Boss but you would need a tune or else you would throw a code which is what made me decide to keep the stock H-Pipe until I was ready for a tune. :-\
Justin said:
I dont know if you need a tune for the codes or for max power gain the way its written they dont clearly say.

That was a question I posed on another forum and a member had said that at first their CEL didn't come on so they said a tune wasn't needed but eventually a light did come on which is why they changed their position on the issue of needing a tune and I remember Kendall from Cool-Tech saying that some one kept having to fiddle around with cats and they thought they found one that wouldn't throw a code so they released it and eventually their car ran a code so they changed their stance on the product and the MRT is the only one that I know about that still utilizes cats. I really like how it sounded and it opens up the exhaust from the restrictive factory H-Pipe which I liked as well. When I get out of work I will see if I can find the post that Kendall made.

Sorry for the long post lol


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Yeah that makes sense to me. Sometimes I miss the old days of just bolt it on and go no tuning just manually adjust the timing and fuel pressure and be done with it lol

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