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MTX Thunder Form box with built in amp

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Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I bought this last week directly from MTX as it is 15% off right now. Install was really easy only six wires. 4 being speaker, power and ground. Really makes a great addition to my Polk Audio door speakers. It couldnt weigh anymore then 10-15lbs. Fits perfect in the pass side rear trunk pocket. If you have been on the fence about getting one like I was get it cause it was well worth the price and the tiny bit of extra weight as I drive my car everyday to work and back.
link to the store still 15% off plus free 2 day shipping :)

Here is a picture.
I have the one with out the built-in amp. It make's a hell of a difference in the over-all sound quality of the system. I don't have any of the original Ford system in there but for the price it was well worth it. The Stealthbox from JL was way to much money.
How did you end up securing yours? I used strapping and tied it down to an existing bolt on the rear fender and the front to a cable retainer stud under the carpet. solid as a rock. It will hit the low end but since I've had it in for a couple of years I'm thinking about a higher quality sub, just the speaker not the box. They put a nice subwoofer in these boxes and there is no way in hell you can beat the price. As anal as I am when it comes to sound systems I've had a chance to tune in to it's limitations at resonance and it's not where I want it. Honestly, this battle for the perfect sound will never be won, but I keep trying. I'm close though.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I secured it as per the instructions. I used the two screws though the bottom of the box. I had a heck of a time getting the sill plate back on. ended up pulling the entire clips out of the rocker and putting them back on the sill plate then pushing it in.

I wish they would make one for the drivers side as well so I could have two subs and still retain a lot of trunk space.

I had thought of getting the one without the built in amp but I didnt want to go through the hassle of mounting an amp and all that so I went the easier route lol. I dont know where I would have put an amp. the price of the one I bought was just to good to not give it a shot.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
How does it sound? Any new rattles develop in your car after the install? ;D
it sounds really good. i am 98% satisfied with my stereo now. once I get a isimple set up it will be perfect!!!

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