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Mustang's to last 300k miles

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MSN autos says "quality workmanship built engines will out last Porsche & BMW's"

Yup, I agree & cost less to get fixed if they do break

"Can these cars go 300,000 miles?
Ford Mustang

Is it possible for a car to not only survive old age, but to become sexier with each passing decade? Nearly any car can weather the decades in a garage, but the Mustang has a shot at achieving vintage glory while in heavy rotation. The car's V6 and V8 engines are sturdy, workmanlike powerplants — nowhere near as breakdown-prone as those found in Porsches or BMWs — and this year, J.D. Power and Associates rated the Mustang highest in initial quality in its segment."
Both my Ford truck and my Ford Falcon have 300,000 miles on them. I don't see why this one couldn't, but I really don't want to get anywhere near there in my Boss.
300,000 miles.........

I have had the car for 22months now and have logged under 4000 miles.

Time to add the Boss to the will. ;D

Fixed that for you.........just out post whoring....nothing to see here.....move along
did 3000 within the first 2 weeks due to a nice trip down to the Tail of the Dragon. This summers trip is north to the Cabot Trail that will be a quick 2000 miles in a weekend. Can't wait.
Put 10,000 miles on the first yr I had my Boss (Oct 11 to Oct 12).. only a little over 2000 miles since then due to a tougher winter than last year...will surly make up the difference once the weather breaks & the days get longer.... ;)

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