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My fav Car Air freshener going extinct :( trying to buy them up while I can

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Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I have been using the Auto Expressions under the seat outdoor breeze for at least 8 years now. They have always been hard to find but I could always find them. Now they are drying up so I look into AE's website and no longer listed. So I have been on the hunt to buy them up. so far I got 4. Very very few online and they want near 5 bucks for one.

RIP Good little buddy you will be missed


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
I'm still working on patenting my homemade 'macaroni and cheese' scent... ;)


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
says it mounts on the thanks. I like my air fresheners hidden. The 96 cobra I had got new ones once a week and I sold the car to a friend......6 years later it still smelled like outdoor breeze inside even though it hadnt had one in it since I sold it. The smell has meaning to me at this point as it reminds me off all the other mustangs and the fun things I did in it.
Every time I see a hanging air freshener I think of stoners and taxi drivers. MY gf put one of the cat butt ones in my track car, because it smells like burning oil but I figure it is just character. Plus in a car like that, any change in smell is a cause for concern so I like to leave it natural.

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