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My first track day in my S550 at Atlanta Motorsports Park

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This was my first track day (JZilla HPDE) with my 2016 GT, my first track day in a RWD car, and my first track day in 4-5 years since I had my 2006 Subaru Legacy Spec B. I will be going back for another JZilla HPDE here March 12th trying out my RAYS Gram Light 57Xtreme 10.5" square setup with 285/35-19" on what I'll humble call my "training shoes": Continental DW tires. I'd much prefer having RE-11s, but for a novice like me... I really couldn't justify the cost of those or MPSS's to learn fundamentals on. I got the Conti's for $650 installed and after these I'll do something better.

Anyway, you'll see I need heal-toe help badly, sometimes lost my line here and there, took the wrong line sometimes but first time on this track and, like I said, it's been a long time. One of these was with the intermediate group which I got advanced to per my instructor's recommendation, which was flattering. But I'm doing novice again in March to work on what I need to work on... so on, so forth. I HOPE the Conti DWs don't suck royally... I have a feeling they will.

I was also having ridiculous lack of throttle response sometimes coming out of hard right turns. Either that was a traction control thing (even though it was all off, but didn't pull the fuse) or something with the stock tune or maybe a fuel delivery thing, I don't know. Felt like turbo lag. The last part of the video, last laps, you can see me starting to break up a lot. After that session I looked at my PZero tires... they were chunked to hell (3-4K miles prior to this HPDE). I think I was just tired, then, too. Trying to keep pace with more advanced people and wasn't ready.

Sorry, I didn't have any OBDII data hookup at this time.
Looks like a nice day and you have a sharp looking Mustang.

This will fix your heel/toe. ;D

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Frankly , for your first day on track in a RWD car I think you did extremely well. Glad you had a good time and you will likely rock and roll even better when you move up to some newer rubber . Heck with 10.5 rims go with a set of 305s , should be no sweat!?

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