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My Last Post Here

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Well this is it friends, my last post I just can't do this anymore. You people are a bad influence :mad: I spent a few hours putting on the hood today, this after getting off the phone placing an order for springs, sway bars, little bumper things and much more :mad: :mad: If I buy one more lug nut I will officially have spent more on the car then the car itself :mad: :mad: :mad:

My track list is now two pages long, it takes me two days to prep the car to go. What the hell happened to driving down to the local track for an event ??? It takes me 15 minutes now just to strap into the car with harnesses, hans, turning on the Traqmate, GoPro, gauges, tires pressure gauge screen for a single run! I remember not to long ago I would put on a helmet and buckled a seat beat :-\

So this is it, I'm done keeping up with you guys. Well at least I did not sell my 12 for a 13 and start all over again (Rocketman 8))

The boss does look good now but that is not the point ;D


Wow, hate to see you go . . . I can be there early next week to take that money magnet off your hands. ;)

Wait, where's your car number at?

Hood looks awesome. I'm still resisting the urge to do that.
Hell, the whole Boss looks awesome.
We'll see you soon when you need more of your track addiction--probably later this weekend. ;D
BossTXB said:
Man, that Boss looks awesome. Absolutely awesome. Love those wheels too.

Thanks, the wheels are the (cheaply priced) Ford Racing wheels. They have worked well for me, not light weight but the Hoosiers are so light it makes up for more expensive wheels.

Talk with Dave in parts there, the price was $160 ea shipped.(that may be higher now Ford keeps raising the price)

drano38 said:
Wait, where's your car number at?
Crap, guess I need three days prep!
If you leave you'll miss Gary order his coil over setup next week. ::)

Your Boss looks fantastic.
As I suspected, a flat black hood looks awesome with the YB. 8) I think a flat black hood with '70 side hockey sticks may be in my future...


Everyone's entitled to my opinion. ;)
Hmmmmm.....I don't see any carbon fiber racing trunk lid! Now that I'm looking, where are the Ford racing decals? 8)

you selfish you, think that by staying here you can keep on sharing the wealth of knowledge and experience with us that have not yet gone through all the changes you and Gary have :) be a little vengeanceful and bite us too by staying here and make us feel bad we havent already gotten all the goodies :)

for those new members here ( 13 owners XD) , this man has been an absolute Gem of a person sharing is insight and experience here shamelessly ( and through private messages!).

Please StaY :)


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I hope you are kidding.

That car looks AWESOME! That would intimidate just about anyone on the road. If I was rich I would copy your mods just for the appearance alone.
boss2511 said:
I hope you are kidding.
Wow lots of replies, yea I'm still here ;D I was at Trackguys Sebring with 13 Bosses and one 302S ;D ;D
BossJockey said:
Your car looks great Scott. I love the yellow lettering on the Conties on your car. I can't wait to see it with the new springs. ;)

I installed the TPMS sensors that were posted here, need to take the tires off to do it and I had run them so I flipped them. Had really good wear this weekend so I might just mount the rest the same way.
boss2511 said:
Did you have the roof painted? Didnt know that the 12's came with body color roofs

Yes, I painted that within weeks of taking delivery.
ArizonaGT said:
Last post, until the next one.
regalt87 said:
He will be back, He's addicted just like the rest of us. Once you have it you can't quit.
Fact !!!

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