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My other Ford is a truck

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I enjoy driving my Boss to the track but decided since I'm planning some track events like VIR and Watkins Glen that are 300 to 400 miles from home, it might be wise to tow the Boss there. So I dusted off my trusty old '92 F-250 which has been sitting since November, charged the battery and changed the oil. With 460 inch V8 she's ready to tow my 26 foot enclosed trailer. On a good day I'll get 8 MPG towing. Filling the dual gas tanks is about a $110 these days. Love to have a new Powerstroke diesel but I can buy a lot of gas even at $4.00 gallon before paying for a new truck. It has LESS than 38,000 miles on the odo!
Nice. I have a 95 Bronco full size 5.8 I used to use for towing, still use it as a ranch truck when the Jeep is having issues.
Nice truck!! You just can't beat a Ford truck. I used to drive Chevy trucks in the 70's but bought a new Ford in '81 and been in Fords ever since. One of my favorites was an '86 F250 4x4 Lariet with the 460. I used it to pull a 24' gooseneck and it only got about 4 mpg when loaded but it was a brute. I am able to write a truck off in my business otherwise I would have something older too as they have become rediculously expensive. Ford sucked me in with the 0% interest but it's the best one I have had so far and I like it even better the 7.3 I had previously. It's an '08 F250 Lariet, diesel, 4x4 with 40,000 miles but still can't tell it from new. Were it not for the strong resale value of the diesels I would have gone for the V10 instead.
Ford trucks are where it's at and I've owned several. I'll have to scan and post my 1956 F-100 from high school. Gary will like the color. ;)
ace72ace said:
10mpg? Nice truck!
I average 19.7mpg on slightly mixed driving (mostly highway, some back roads). City driving you can forget it, I dont even bother to check anymore. When my wife and I pull the atvs to WVA I use the towing tune and can still average 14mpg. If you can stay out of the boost its suprisingly good. But I love to hear that 80mm sing.
The old lady and the nutso death machine. Manual for that thing says it will do 100+ but none of us has the stones. Somebody gave it to my bro for free when he bought a trailer or something years ago.

KYBOSSLS, Sorry for the delay, hadn't checked here for a while. I bought the trailer down your way at Trailer World in Bowling Green, Ky. I am in Southern Illinois. Dealt with a salesman named Wally. Nice guy, very accomodating. Didn't get that feeling I was being ripped off. It's a United brand 20' slopenose. Supposedly will save 2-3 mpg over conventional box type trailer. I have never had a car in it yet but it pulls like a dream full of daughters furniture... It has very shallow fender wells and only 7" from floor to escape door opening so doors should open with no problem. I paid 8K for it and another $500 delivered to my door. The escape door was only $300 or so extra and worth every penny instead of having to climb out the window..

5 DOT 0 said:
Ford trucks are where it's at and I've owned several. I'll have to scan and post my 1956 F-100 from high school. Gary will like the color. ;)

Let's see it Rick!

Here's a few of my early '99 7.3 L turbo diesel, 6-speed manual, 4x4, Crew Cab that I got with 49 miles and now close to 300,000. ;D I haven't towed the Boss yet but I tow my dune buggy Mad Max to the Tahoe area when it's not broken like it is currently... Tows awesome. Just put a Terminator Engineering HPOP (high pressure oil pump) on it and have better mileage and throttle response!!



I used to carry all this, not quite as much anymore. I figure if I don't store it on-board, I'll have to give up valuable shelf real estate! On the tailgate is my home made Injector Break Out Box that you can hook up inline under the hook, run the wires through the window across the dash and down to the middle seat for operation of the toggle switches. Also a $15 9v drill I hardwired to a long cord with a lighter adapter on the end. Drill on the road/trail, or just use the tailgate as a workbench when mine's covered with crap!


And I got it all from my dad who took 35 years to restore his '32 Model B Station Wagon.




Here's my friend Mike's crazy rock krawler Ranger sitting next to Peter's drag racin' 7.3 turbo Excursion. ;D


And my friend Reno's fire truck with a FORD Cummins Diesel out of an F650. He can get 16-17 on the highway! Also a vintage pic of that truck at a fire at Original Joe's in San Jose.



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