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S197 3V NASA Spec Iron Build! Build Thread

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Picked up some 275/35/18 Toyo RR's for $400 plus shipping from Poe Motorsports! Rear end and brakes get pulled this week and new is going in! I will update as that progresses!


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Looks good so far. Whats the entry fee for Spec Iron?


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Happy Veterans Day to all of our fellow TMO veterans!

This past week major changes have went down with the SI build. The Brembo's came from Dean Martin at KohR, I ordered some from Rock Auto and they were wrong. I had to get the car ready for Road Atlanta and Dean came to the rescue with some takeoff's for $300!

I also purchased StopTech SS lines off of Rock Auto for $110!

We also swapped rearends with a buddy's wrecked convertible, as I had to go with 3.31's, QA1 Spherical UCA was installed along with FRPP Relo Brackets from Phoenix Performance ($100), and the 302R LCA's I picked up from @cobrarob ($120). I still hope to come in under $10k!


I also picked up front and rear race Pads from fellow TMO members as well! Rears were $80 and fronts were $90! I forgot to take a picture of the fronts, oops!

I also want to thank @KNS Brakes for the hook up on F&R rotors! I went with their DBA/KNS 4K rotors, I will see how they are at RA in a few weeks!

I also picked up an FRPP Strut tower Brace off of EBay for $92.50, that has yet to go on though. I also had the RR's mounted as well on the 18x9.5 GT500 wheels I picked up, 7 wheels for $550.

Here is a picture before we sat her on the ground!

I will update the thread when I can! Road Atlanta is December 2-3 and afterwards the cage goes in. My sister graduates from Clemson late December and for her graduation present from me I payed for her to run HPDE 2 at RA while driving the GT. The car will receive a good double duty shakedown weekend!


TMO Clueless
Another update, we when to Road Atlanta and day one was great with the car turning double duty. My sister ran HPDE 2 and I ran 4. Today we ran into electrical problems as the cluster started going crazy and the car would not start. We think it is either the starter, alternator, or battery. Tomorrow I will check for over or under charging codes. I may not have the car SI ready in January.
Non-start, no crank situation; first, check battery for sufficient charge, second, check the fuse box in engine compartment for blown starter fuse. If no spare fuse, use the adjacent 30a 500 Shaker audio system fuse.


TMO Clueless
@zajac Checked battery, will have to check starter fuse, and I do not have a shaker 500 system. We think it is starter/alternator related. I will check that fuse today along with checking codes to see if something is over or undercharging. Thank you.
My Saleen Mustang has only a little over 13,000 miles on it and I am on my 3rd alternator which resulted in being towed home twice. The no crank situation I had was solved by replacing the starter 30a fuse.

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