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New Front Rotors

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Tulsa, OK
I installed new front rotors with used pads on my car yesterday. Install went smoothly, no hiccups or anything. I took the car down the neighborhood and back this evening and it looks like the pad is hanging on the rotor in exactly the same place on both sides. I've never experienced this issue before. I will be bedding in the rotors on track this weekend.

Should I be concerned with this? Is the old pad just a little uneven? Will the bed-in process alleviate this issue or should I recheck my pad alignment?


Tulsa, OK
I'm not liking it either. Here are a few close up pictures. Quality is a little lacking, but you get the point. I think I may need to revisit how the pads are sitting in the caliper.


That's a first. Could it be installation related, since you're experiencing it on both sides?
I wonder if lubing and cleaning the pin would help the pad seat better and move freely.
Did you use any shims between the pad and caliper? notice any caliper piston issues during installation?

Sorry for all the questions, just trying to brainstorm. seems like the top of the pad, where the pins are located, are getting stuck and only the bottom portion of the pad is making contact.


Supporting Vendor
You need to do some panic stop type braking to find out if there is an issue or the used pads already had that ridge that creates the drag marks and just needed to be ground down by some hard stops.

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
Did your old pads look like they had a small ridge in that area? Do your old rotors have a visible groove to match?

I'm thinking this might be perfectly normal with the used pads on new rotors and that a ridge in the pad could come from the shape/geometry of the pad. I just may not have seen this before as I've never put used pads on new rotors before! The pad is almost certain to have some ridges on it...maybe there's a reason why it's the same on both sides. Can you post a pic of the old rotors? If not, then I'd pop one of the pads out to take a look/picture.
Tulsa, OK
F.D.- Not using any shims. Didn't notice any caliper issues during install.

Puffer- I did do a few low speed hard stops and could tell that the more of the pad was hitting the rotor. I'm starting to think bedding them in will clear up my issue.

Grant- I think you may be right that this is just normal. I attached some pictures below. It looks like there is a similar groove line on my old rotors. I'm going out to check the pads now.




Tulsa, OK
Ok I went back through and basically reinstalled the pads to make sure they weren't the issue. Everything looks fine. Rotors are moving around freely. I think I should be good after I bed the pads to the rotor.

Here is a picture of the pads. There is definitely a groove were I'm seeing it on the rotor.

Thanks for the help everyone :)


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