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New LS owner

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Morning all,

Not new to Mustangs
2003 GT
2005 GT
2005 Saleen 281 3V
2007 Shelby GT500
and now as of Mid January
2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca

in search for build information which was brought up at the MCA sight I found you guys,
and thought it would be really good, educational and inspiring if I joined up!

This is my 19th Ford in 16 years, usually around 3 and sometimes 4 at a time!


Hey all,
it's once a week driving and today was the day, awesome,
what's up with the Texas stats that there are more Boss cars in this state!

I'm always going for that one of a kind and the odds look like I'm more apt to run into a few of you down here in south east Texas

since I took the baffles out I'm now etching to activate the "Red Key"
but got some new regarding voiding the warranty I purchased and it switching over to the Ford Racing warranty with less covered for less time?
need to learn more about this?

Yes I'm I going to do the the Track offer, Heck yes, my buddy that has the 2012 has already done the Vegas trip with his and is wanting to go back with me when I decide to do mine.

missing the Shelby even less now!
Good luck with the warranty issue...its been a hot topic on these boards forever. If you search "track key" and "warranty" there has been a ton of discussion on this forum and I'm not sure we ever did come up with a 100% definitive answer from Ford.
i'm going to sound like a idiot now since I've been told about,

what does that stand for?

and is the activation done only by the dealer you have purchase the vehicle done or is any Ford dealer OK to do this?
I'm thinking ESP refers to an "extended service plan" (warranty). Trackey might void that somehow if you purchased it from the dealer....that's where the uncertainty comes from on this forum. I would look for a dealer that has experience in installing Trackey in your area to have it installed.

Extra Special People

who can own a special Ford!
now I remember.

and what I've been told thru MCA members. they have gone back and got refunds because Dealers / finance departments are not informing them regarding this "Void" when they Sale the Boss 302 to customers.

I informed my dealer soon after with a lengthy very detailed description of this issue I was advised about and they clammed up big time!

basically what I was told, was I can not active the trackey until the car was paid off.

you pay a certain amount for that portion of the warranty, add the finance charge to it and you take it in the as-cove big time
Don't even bother with the dealers.. they are useless. Call Ford ESP and talk to them directly. Basically in a nutshell, it was told to me like this: when you activate track key, the trackey warranty from Ford racing replaces the factory warranty on the motor. So you get a 3/36 warranty from Ford racing. Now...if you have an extended warranty plan and something goes wrong with the engine outside of the 3/36 window and it can be attributed to using the trackey you are SOL. However if the malfunction/ faulty equipment has nothing to do with the trackey then ESP will cover it.

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