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New 3 year old tires.

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Monaca Pa
Just bought a set of new Goodyear super at 3r tires. Looked at tire date and it’s from March 2021 They are 3 years old and came from my local tire store. Should I use them and have them get me another set ??IMG_5601.jpeg

Mad Hatter

Gotta go Faster
Santiago, Chile
It should be ok. As long as it was not stored in outdoors or had sun on them.

Assuming it was on sale..... If they were at list price then take them back!
MH is don't start aging til they're on the car and on the road with all the elements that come with, heat,sun etc.....the tires on my Tacoma are over 8 yrs old and are just showing signs of cracks......I don't drive it much, so there's lots of tread left............I'll probably replace them before next winter, even tho the cheapskate in me says go another year.
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5-10 Years
Lenoir City TN
Getting 3 year old tires out of a warehouse is not unusual. It has happened to friends with Tire Rack and to me straight from Hankook Motorsports. Tire Rack would not exchange a set of 3 year old tires for a friend. They said they were not subject to the elements and were fine. I bought a set of RS4's from Hankook in 2022. Two were dated coded 142019, one 252019 and the last one was 032021. The date codes really are not an issue unless you buy a set and done't use them right away and try to go to an MCA track event where they will not accept date codes older than 5 years.

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