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New Member

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Hi all new member here from CT. I have been lurking for awhile so I am somewhat familiar with the site
Picked up the car 9 months ago with 2900 on the clock. It currently has 5100 and is about to get tucked away for winter. Have a few mods planned with some minor stuff done now.

Also I know it gets beaten to death but if anyone has any idea on how I could get ahold of the owners kit that came with the car new I would appreciate it!

here are some pics of #1674



Congratulations on the Boss and welcome to the club! As far as the owners kit you may have to contact Ford facing. Not sure what previous owners had to do but I am sure you can search here and find it. I would here first. Good luck! :)
Congratulations and welcome to BMO.

Check the thread below for the owners kit info.


2012 PW #2558
Congrats!!! Welcome.. nice color choice ;) Why do we keep reading of new Boss Owners buying their cars and not having the original paperwork/owners kits. I really think it is horrible. I have no plans right now to sell my car, but if I did sell, I would really want the next owner to have all the docs that came with the Boss. Sorry just my .02 I hope you can obtain the docs you desire. You deserve them!

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