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NHTSA Closes Investigation Into Mustang Manual Transmission

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Not that issues weren't discovered but no safety issues were found. Now we can get back to driving and enjoying our Boss cars.
So...... They are saying that this is "driver error".

It's a performance car, but you are supposed shift at 2500k.

The guys on my camaro board are having a field day with this one..... :)

Did someone think they would rule against a product of global manufacturing - sourcing a german transmission company that in turn is making them in China and they are being put in an iconic American Muscle car, ha fat chance of that. They have bigger goals to worry about, over how well the transmission actually works.

There is nothing to see here people move along...the NTSB wants to talk to you about your cell phone, you have been very bad......


Just currious, are the higher number of serial numbered cars still having problems?.........I havent heard of any lately.......but that doesn't mean anything. I had a theory............for those that have been here a while, it seemed that many of the new cars had tranny issues. Then I noticed that nobody was recieving their cars as promised, 2nd and 3rd quarter cars were slipping dates. Then all of the sudden the dealers were flooded with their respective orders. Then I didn't hear too much about trannies except for those still battleing it out. Now I work in the engineering department for an eastcoast shipyard that is responsible for the design and building of all the nations aircraft carriers. When design problems occur production stops. We are forced to solve the problem because every minute of stopped production costs. Usually what happens is a huge quality control autopsy is made and corrections accomplished, production continues. Did Ford have a quality control look at the transmissions and the following units come through better? I own #1523 and that transmission is quiet and shifts as smooth as any toploader or other transmissions I've ever driven. I can actually shift (if I want) without depressing the clutch, timing the engine speed with the sychronizers. any thoughts? Are the cars being fitted with better quality transmissions?
Ford has done a number of running production changes since the MT82 was introduced. Nothing strange about that, all manufacturers do it as issues are discovered. So the later the car, the less chance of having problems.

My car is #1769 and most of the things some owners of earlier cars reported are not a problem on mine (sticking clutch, gear whine etc).

However, my car was built before the latest update. On 8/31/2011 the 2nd gear synchros were updated to fix effort and gear clash. Doesn't mean EVERY car built before 8/31 will have a problem with 2nd gear, but mine does. :-[

I'll take it in after the holidays and see what happens.
69LM1 said:
The guys on my camaro board are having a field day with this one..... :)

Maybe it gives them false hope that they can hang with a Boss or even a 5.0 maybe? :p Whatever makes them feel better I guess ;) Kind of like Vikings fans saying the Packers are slipping because they're 13-1 when there own team is vying for the first pick in next year's draft :D

The bottom line is if you're having problems with your clutch or transmission, Ford will fix it for you for the first 5 years you own the car.
I have read the complete article about this issue in this site: Mustang drives away from NHTSA investigation. A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration probe into 29,807 2011-2012 standard transmission Ford Mustangs has been scrapped. The bureau said the possible troubles with shifting didn't pose a danger to the public, and a recall wouldn't follow. A 364 complaints is a lot and it is somehow alarming for Ford. But the investigation shows that it is not their problem-it's the driver. So, I think, these 364 drivers should be very careful and be very knowledgeable about the car they are driving so that problems like this won't happen again.

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