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No Boss for 2014 article

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What led me to the purchase a new Boss over an old one all along.
Actually just noticed this was based on this thread.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
yeah I seen both the article and thread and made the same conclusion. lol. still waiting for official ford word but its more than likely 100% no boss for 2014. Glad I got one already :)


Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow
From this month's issue of Road & Track:

"There is also a gap in the Mustang between the GT and GT500 that has us speculating that the Boss wil soon make 500 bhp."

It's been my understanding as well that the Boss is limited to a 2 year production run, in homage to '69 and '70. It makes sense. And makes our cars more exclusive. Other thread talks about the next specialty Stang more likely being a Mach 1. In any case, thanks OP for the links.


I never get tired of driving it!
I was at AAI recently and asked a question of someone who would be in the know about a Boss 351 since the 5.8 Liter engine is available. I was told my color options would be either red or black. Let's hope.
PeteInCT said:
What wrong with Black, or Red, or BOTH ? ;D
Well looking at the photo in your signature I'd say nothing, nothing at all. 8)

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