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No tire wear track event October 26th and 27th!!!

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Bill Pemberton

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Get your butt to the Mustang Roundup in September ( ) as this event can not be missed by Mustang fanatics ( keep in mind there is a car show for the non track addicts too), because you will be addicted to running with your Blue Oval Buddies. The problem many of you will have , is after this event, you are going to be jonesing for another bit of track time and things wind down after September in the Midwest. No problem , put October 26 and 27th on your calendar and sign up to run the NASA Central Region Championships at Heartland Motorsports Park. The Central Region focuses on Instruction and fun, fast HPDEs , so more than half the weekend is devoted to those and Time Trials. Sure, some of us will be racing , but the High Performance Driving Event is a major key and that is perfect for the newcomers who have just done the Mustang Roundup. Also , if you have not joined NASA , contact me and I can get you a discount for your first event weekend.

The reason I said this was a "No tire wear Track", is because since the Topeka track was repaved a couple of years ago, it has established mythical status. Many of us swear we leave the track with our tires in better shape than when we arrived? It sometimes tappears to scrub all the clagg off your air filled donuts and other times you can not perceive any wear at all? So , plan your calendar, get to the Mustang Roundup , September 12-15th and then write in the end of October for Topeka, Kansas.

Two great track times and I guarantee after the Mustang Roundup you will want more racing?! I was hoping, after the September Hastings event we can round up a bunch of the drivers that come from Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota , and Oklahoma, at least, to wander to Topeka so we can dominate over the Bow Tie Boys!?
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