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So got my new control arms in and love them ;D so now im going to add some NOS thinking about doing the NX plate kit. Was wondering what you guys think and of anyone has.done this with the boss intake manifold.
I am interested in the NOS too. But I am really new to the game so I will be following your progress.
FRPP warns against using Nawz with the CJ intake, which is pretty much the same construction as ours I believe (as far as materials, not the measurements). You might want to call up FRPP and ask them if it is ok to use it on the Boss intake.
Nitrous will not hurt the intake and this motor is built exactly the way you want it for nos. Do some searching you will find it already done. I would not go over a 250 shot you'll just spin the tires.
Ya i was not planning on going over a 150 shot at the MAX ill probably run 100 on a normal run. I also wanted to install the remote bottle opener and the window switch. Should run away from kids on the screts ill keep you updated :) 8)
jeepinocala said:
Just do yourself a favor and have someone whom does this every day do your install and dont go cheap on anything.
Oh i was going to i like to things myself but when it comes to having a car that runs or obe where my intake manifold blws up i think ill just pay someone to do it.
Ok so you have a boss correct? That kit did not say Boss on it and there is a difference for damn sure. What I will say is if I was going to do what you are adding nos I would get a complete kit that needs nothing else to be up and running and I would have a shop thaty does this every day and has a dyno do the work and make them double check everything. Nos is great and very dependable when done correct and I personally never seen it blow a manifold on any street car but even a motor built the right way with a nos system rigged can go pretty fast and I dont mean go fast I mean BOOM :eek: Do yourself a favor and find a shop that does this every day and be very careful asking for advice online or you'll be another one of those guys pissed because things didn't work out.


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if you want reliability from your no2, you will want to add a bottle warmer and a purge setup. i wouldn't risk it without these items. there is no need for a boss specific kit (if one even exists). the throttle body and fuel rails are the same as the gt, so the connection points are the same. there may be different jet combinations recommended for boss over the gt, but i don't know this for sure.

next, the timing. its not adjustable. i don't know if it needs to be taken down a bit or not (old 302s needed it and a simple twist of the distributor took care of it). a professional would be able to help you with that. that would be the only reason to tune. you could probably benefit from cam timing changes, but most tuners don't have the skills to mess with that too much and the tune is there whether you are using the no2 or not, so street performance may be compromised.

DISCLAIMER: i am NOT a professional. i just wanted to give you some questions to ask the professionals. although a lot of "professionals" have no better insight than i do. they just want to sell parts and that sometimes clouds their judgement. for example, BAMA/AM is full of it. i have had numerous conversations with their "tech" folks and they know surprisingly little about the products they sell. ask for examples of how i know this!

based on my experience so far with my car in n/a form, good luck trying to spray before 3rd gear! plan on lots of tire smoke without going anywhere. i have very fond memories of a 150 shot on my 82gt back in the day...lucky i didn't kill myself ;D

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