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Off topic - GoPro cam issues

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I've been playing around with my new GoPro Hero 2. The audio comes out kinda "static-y". I've tried with the windows up as well as down, mounting it, holding it, still crackles a bit. Anyone have similar issues?
Posted this one. I know its nothing exciting to anyone but me. I took the little girl out for a ride with her cousin. I think she's a fan!!
Cute video, I have an original GoPro and it has bad wind buffeting, my bro has a Hero2 and it is not as bad but still has some. Neither has that type of static. I would contact GoPro and link them that video, or try to exchange it where you bought it.

It seems to correspond to when the exhaust is loud, so probably some sort of resonance in the case, but as I said mine does not do that and it is the older, worse sound version. Did you have the case on or off?


Owner of #2611 CO
Yea, figured I would try to contact GoPro and see what they say. Its been a few months since I bought it from Amazon so I don't know how that will work. I just didn't realize it until now. Haven't really played with it much. I did have the vented style case on while filming.
I have the older Go Pro. I try experimenting with the audio settings. Also try removing the little round cover over the lens on the case (held on with tiny screws)- you don't need the cover unless mounting the camera outside the car.

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