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One reason to avoid cheap tools


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These ESCO ones. I ordered the shorter ones for use with my Mustangs and Porsche. Made in Asia but very well made. They also play nice with my RaceDeck flooring.

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That looks like a nice stand, I like that it's flat on the top as well. I always found the cutout on the classic stands always was too deep and damaged the body work if you try to put it on the pinch weld.

Grant 302

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They expanded the recall today:

“Pittsburgh 3 ton steel jack stands (SKU 56373) that replaced the recalled jack stands. We're now adding these jack stands to our recall.”

They will also allow for refund or credit on a lot of their other jackstands that are not on the official recall list.


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I still have my SK Wayne box and my Chicago Pneumatic CP734 impact wrench I bought back in 1976 when I was working flat rate. I could barely scrape together the money to buy them back then.
I have been spending a fair bit of time on this and can say the Harbor Freight Icon lone is relatively nice, made in Taiwan vs China but for the non-pro that wants an easy lifetime warranty and excellent customer service and good quality, I have been very happy with my Tekton tools. If you buy direct you get rewards for 10% back credited to your account the next day. My HF jack stands were not recalled, they were the “nicer” 3 ton stands but I’ll be tossing them and picking up some Escos to compliment my just acquired QuickJack.

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