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Ordering a Boss Problems

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So I went to my dealership who said they could order a Boss and when I had them try to order one, Ford had made it so you can not order one and it's on hold, so now I have to wait. Is it just my dealership who can't order one or did Ford put ordering one on hold?
Does the dealer have an allocation? If they do and they submit their order it will show as a material hold until it's pulled for production. Here's a long thread but it has many answers regarding ordering a Boss.
Yeah they can order one and when they went to it said ordering was put on hold by Ford, so I have no idea what happened lol
5 DOT 0 said:
If it says material hold then Ford has the order. Ask your dealer for a DORA, they will know what that is. If they have it and it shows a Boss 302 you're good to go. Dealers only got x amount of allocations. If they don't have an allocation try another dealer or look up Boss 302 on Good luck.
Like I said, I went to the dealer and he said Ford had orders on hold, he talked as if Ford had production stopped lol but I don't know. Is that all I should ask for?
ask dealer what quarter their allocation is for. If it is for the current then it will be on material hold till Ford manually schedules it at the regional level. Ford is pretty strict about going in order of which dealer is next. If it is for 4th quarter it can stay on material hold for a long time. It will show hold overide in the dealer's vehicle visibility screen when it is released to be scheduled even before it is showing scheduled with a date.

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