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Overseas shipping

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Has anybody shipped their Boss over to Europe ? If so what was the cost and how much hassle. I know there are some military on here with their cars in Europe. I shipped my Harley 10 yrs ago by Lufthansa air freight for $2k each way but the Boss would go by ship. Plus another HD owner sent his bike and he was in the shipping business so he did all the paperwork. Any info would be appreciated.


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I know a guy at work that buys old Dodges and ships them to Germany. I will check with him tomorrow.

I shipped my Boss a couple of years ago from Florida to Hamburg. The cost in a container incl. insurance to Hamburg was about $3.5k, but the prices a very volatile and I do not know the current rates. I chosed the most save and therefore also most expensive way of shipping, single container (sealed prior shipping) without a car on top on just some wodden boards and with that save from the salt and persons who want to use your car as sitting area.

If you are interested I can look up the contact details for you. I was very happy with the person who handled my car. He is also a car enthusiast who was very responsive and took good care of everything.
I shipped two from Florida to UK last year, cost is around $ 2250 for shipping plus duty and tax plus the sva conversion which was $ 1500

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