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P Zeros in cold weather.

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I took my Boss out today because it had been a month or more since I had. Temperature was around 50. I have seldom had it out unless it was warmer than that and I only have 650 miles on it, so I haven't driven it much at all in cooler weather. After a couple of miles, I leaned on it some and was amazed at how easily the Pirellis broke loose, even in second. I have read a few posts about these tires not liking the cold, but this was the first time I had experienced this. I suppose this is normal and I should have expected it, but I was surprised.


New Boss 302 LS owner

Normal, two miles is not enough too heat those tires up. Warmer tires equals better traction, I'm sure you know that. I drive in some pretty cold temps lately here in Atlanta and I'm really careful not too put too much pedal to the metal. Have fun with that Boss! 8)
Yep I notice traction diminishing at temps below 60. While my Michelin PSS tires are much better than the stock Pirelli's they aren't much better in the cold.


Performance Fords
We have had some chilly weather here in California and I have broken them loose on the freeway in third gear on a cold day where traction control had to take over. BE CAREFUL if the outside temp is below 50. These tires are really not designed to be used cold for anything but granny driving.

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