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Parnelli Jones Interview with Hot Rod Magazine

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This is a good one and don't miss the part about Carroll Shelby at the end.

A can't get my 18 year old to take her car through the car wash.

Ha! I can relate... cursed with three daughters, all of which simply see their car's as a means for getting from point A to point B. On a positive note, at least I don't have to spend a lot of money on "mods". :D

Always enjoy reading stories from back in the day... racing was much different; technology, safety (both drivers and fans), etc.
From every thing I've read, Parnelli is a straight shooter with an amazing career. Hope he is around for many more years, seems like every interview he gives he shares a new and interesting story.
Good interview. Had forgotten that he was in the original 60 Seconds until I picked up a copy several years ago. His scene was great. Looked like it was filmed in that very same office.
Awesome guy first to run 150 at Indy, the story of his drive in "calhoun" with the leaking oil tank was epic. Drove the original STP turbine car and came within about 10 laps of winning when a 7 dollar bearing let go and of course the Boss 302 and Big Oly .

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