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PotHole's are BAD

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Ok, so this happend in my daily driver and thankfully not the BOSS, but wanted to share the danger of Potholes anyways.

Was on I-85 Northbound coming from Charlotte 2 nights ago, it was raining and I had entered the Construction zone (they are redoing all the Interstate roads here in this area), it was raining and the Speed limit was 55MPH, and it was pitch black out, so I was going slower than normal (50MPH roughly). I was in the right hand lane, because all the idiots that don't know how to drive in rain where speeding by in the left lane at way above the legal limit for the section of road under construction. I didn't see the PotHole, but it saw my car, i hit hard, and it started to throw the car into the left lane, luckily i was able to keep it pretty much in my lane, and no-one was beside me.

It was dark when I arrived home, so I didn't see this until morning. But apparently I hit so hard that it bent both Passenger side rims. Talking with the Insurance Company today on what to do, as on this car I have everything from the rims to the wrap to the body kit insured.

The Car is still drivable, but obviously this needs to be fixed and the car checked for further suspension/axel damage.

While this sucks for sure, I guess it could have been worse, I could have dumped the car into the K-Rails they have on both sides of the 2 lane construction, or could have hit another vehicle, or could have been more damage. Or Worse case could have done this to the BOSS...

So watch out for the PotHoles, If I would have seen this one, I would have done everything to try miss it, but now I am going to be allot more cautious around them for sure.

See pictures:





Sorry to hear that happened. When I lived in NYC the potholes would get so big that eventually someone would stick a metal trash can in it and board over it.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
thats why I bought the 5 year coverage on the wheels and tires through ford. cheap insurance it has already paid for itself with a new rear tire :)
Yeah I am trying to decide on replacement rims/tires.

Problem one is they don't make those rims in 20" anymore.
Problem two is I need a 20" rim or 19" with the same height to raise the car
Up the same to avoid dragging the exhaust under the car (side pipes).
Ok, So Insurance said they would pay for 2 rims, which after deductible means I get a whopping $200 basically... So not even enough to cover the original cost of 1 rim, let alone the tires...
I fought and fought with them, but to no avail.

I gota get new tires too, since these are shot and insurance won't cover them...

So Here are my options: The Laguna's are 19" so not sure they will work since I currently have 20" rims to keep the car up off the ground).. The Shelby's are 20" rims so they would work for sure.




The idea I was thinking about was get the BOSS LS style wheels, and if I ever sold the V6 I would have an extra set of wheels and tires for the BOSS (2013). But I don't know if that will work since the V6 is a 2006 and the BOSS is 2013. Is the lug pattern the same? Any ideas?

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