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Pressure mapping quiz #2

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Pressure Mapping quiz part 2​

So far, your pressure map looks like this''
7AM @70A/70T start psi is 20 front/ 19 rears with a hot target of 30f/29r

first practice looks like this.
80/90 LF 32, RF30, LR29, RR27 "gain" is LF12, RF10, LR10, RR8 "Adjust #s" LF -2, RF 0, LR 0, RR+2

You cannot save these pressures as Michelin has requested them for analysis, and Qualifying is 2 hours away.. make the best of it.

Qualifying looks to be about 80/90, the current temp is 70/70, so what are your starting pressures?

Well, you have 1 constant, the temps were 70/70 and the pressures were 20/19.
so since the quallie temps are going to be 80/90, let's factor that in. 21.5/20.5 if we consider 1psi per 10 degrees of temp.
We then have our "adjusted" numbers based on our notes LF-2. RF 0,, LR 0, RR +2 so we are now at
LF 19.5, RF 21.5, LR 20.5 RR 22.5 at 80/90 temp.

So your new starting pressures will be ..
LF 19.5, RF 21.5, LR20.5, RR 22.5

Let's check that..
LF 19.5 corrected for temp (1.5 psi) is 18
RF 21.5 corrected for temp................ is 20
LR 20.5 corrected for temp ............... is 19
RR 22.5 corrected for temp ............. is 21

Then add your PSI "gain"
LF 18 plus 12 equals 30 psi
RF 20 plus 10 equals 30 psi
LR 19 plus 10 equals 29 psi
RR 21 plus 8 equals 29 psi

our hot targets are 30 Front/ 29 Rear

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