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PSA: DSC Sport Sept 2018 GT350 and GT350R Software Update


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For anyone who has a DSC Sport suspension controller in their GT350 or GT350R, DSC Sport has just released new firmware and calibration files for our cars.

The new firmware resolves a number of minor issues, including that pesky "Drive Mode Not Available" message that comes up occasionally. The new firmware can be installed on all DSC Sport modules irrespective of whether they are V1, V2 or V3. The performance will be the same.

For the first time also, the new calibration files are sub-model specific, with different files for the GT350 and the GT350R. I've looked at the calibration settings in the two versions of the files and the "Track" settings look to be the same in both files, but the Sport and Comfort settings have been tuned slightly differently for the two different sub-models. I expect that you can run either file on either car, but my opinion is that you'll probably be happiest if you run the one that's tuned for yours.

The DSC website has the software tools you'll need to download and install the new firmware on your module. As for hardware, you'll need a Windows laptop or tablet and a mini-USB cable.
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