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QTP E-Cutout Switch / seat-heater buttons / general wiring?

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2012 500A #1626
I'm wondering about two things:

The faux buttons, where the seat-heater buttons are in other models (between HVAC knobs)... that a block-off plate or part of the radio assembly? I can't find the part on Ford's site. I'd like to mount a switch for the QTP e-cutouts here, but only if I can first find a replacement piece.

I'd also like to replace the QTP 2-position momentary toggle switch with something else. Does anyone know if two separate momentary buttons could replace the single toggle? I'd like to set one each in two of the faux button locations, where the seat-heater buttons would be. One + (open), the other - (closed). If not, using one rocker-style button would be my next choice.

I can't find another location that I'm happy with and the QTP toggle switch looks big enough to complicate that problem even further.

I would just go with the wireless remote switch but then it looks like my only real convenient option would be to mount it way back on the underside of the dash.

The center console location doesn't feel comfortable or convenient enough for me.

Any help is appreciated.
I only have the wireless switch hooked up and it is mounted on fender well under hood near fuse block. I have used the manual switch to diagnose a bad motor early on but just hooked it temporary up to where wireless control was mounted.


2012 500A #1626
Thanks for the reply! :)

Hopefully someone knows the answer to the seat-heater buttons/block-off plate. If it's not a replaceable plate, maybe the side of the plastic steering column cover would do.

The wireless would seem the easier route, but I've read of someone having trouble with the receiver not closing the valves. But if a bad motor on one of the cutouts is just as likely, even if relatively rare, then going with a wired switch isn't completely eliminating possible problems.

Where do you have the remote/fob mounted?


My QTP was getting installed today with a basket of other mods at my pro shop.

I needed to get it because the longtubes with the exhaust open could be heard for miles....

And I don't feel like crawling under the car at the track to swap the discs all next season. lol

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