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Random CEL Coincidence ??

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I've had a few random CEL's.

Only time in to the service they performed the "Crankshaft Sensor Relearn" after finding misfire codes. And there was nothing else/ no other codes, etc...

When my CEL's took place I did not loose any power, nor was anything in performance hindered. All the gauges were good.

After the last fix, it happened again on the Red Key and continued to stay on after turning the car off, restarting the next day with Silver or Red Key.

Service manager told me after I reported the latest CEL, that he has seen a few CEL's on other ford vehicles with the "Easy Fuel, No Cap Fuel Filler". He said many times those "doors" don't work correctly, etc.

My CEL stayed on when i started the Boss tonight. Went to fill up on the way home; my wife was in the car, so I kept it running while I filled it up.

When I got back in the car, the CEL was off! I shut it down; restarted with Red Key and Silver;; was still off and has not come back on.

Is this a coincidence? Next time it comes on, I'm heading straight to the gas station.


You need to get an OBD-II reader. No need to guess what the codes are related to, or have to run to a dealer just to know what the code is.
zzyzx said:
You need to get an OBD-II reader. No need to guess what the codes are related to, or have to run to a dealer just to know what the code is.
I think you are correct. I'm bringing it in today; they want to spend some time on it. Apparently they have sold/serviced a few bosses and I'm the first one with the CEL!

Which OBD II scanner you recommend?
It doesn't matter in my experience, I have a fancy one because my bro needed it to work on his boat but I have used cheap ones that worked just as well. Make sure it can clear codes as well as read them. I haven't hooked mine up to the Boss yet since it hasn't thrown codes, but usually there isn't anything you can really reprogram with the fancy ones unless you have the one from the OEM (like reprogramming the alarm on my Tundra can only be done with their special very expensive scan tool).

I know with modern cars, if you don't close the fill cap it will throw a code. Makes sense it would if the capless door is sticking open.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Just get the simple two button one at the auto parts store for 50 bucks. Then google the code it gives you.
Looks like the CEL problem is the Crankshaft Sensor; too much play in it, defective. Replacing the part.

Also Ford Tech Line is having the dealership redo the "Crank Sensor Relearn" for the TracKey in a newer application than what is on the TracKey Install Instructions.

Capless Fuel Door is ok

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