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Rear Seat Delete

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I know some of you (GARY) are looking to reduce the weight of your Boss to use on the track but also want to keep it looking good. I've been unable to find anything of the Laguna Seca rear seat brace for sale but found a rear seat delete through cjpony. Below is the link if anyone is interested.

I would be curious to see how much weight would be lost with the removal of the stock seat. I know the site shows from 2005-2011 but would believe it should work on the 2012's too.
It's only about 20 lbs so I'm probably not going to do it. There's just not that much to the rear seats. If you added the brace it's probably a push from a weight stanpoint.
I can't answer that with any degree of intelligence ;D However, I believe they changed the spring rates on the LS to compensate for the additional rigidity, so if you did add the brace, you may also need to change springs to gain any advantage. I know Griggs didn't even install chassis stiffeners on the S197 builds they did as they felt it didn't need it. I am guessing the answer to your question is that most people wouldn't notice a benefit, but that's a guess ;)
Makes sense, I was wondering why people were not talking about adding the LS springs to the Boss. If you get the Torsen and Recaros the spring rate is the only really big difference (besides the add ons tires, brake ducts and bolt on kits).

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