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Rear Suspension Replacement Question

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Hey guys,

So, my rear suspension was recently replaced (axle housing, driver side axle, shocks, springs, etc.) because of an accident I had about a month ago.

The car is finally finished, I went and took a look at it today. I noticed a few things while inspecting, which I'm hoping you guys will say it's "normal" or to be expected so I can sleep well tonight :)

Two major things I noticed.
The driver side spring and shock were replaced, so the car is sitting about 3 finger gaps higher than the passenger side (original spring and shock were reused on pass. side). Would the spring settle as much as 3 finger gaps?

Also, driver side wheel is sticking out about 1" outward from the fender, while the passenger side is about 1" inside the fender. Now I can't remember if it was off-centered before the accident, but i was told no body and suspension mounting point damages were observed by the shop. I guess this could also be from the uneven spring gaps.

And if you guys could list things that I should be keeping an eye -and ear- on, it would be greatly appreciated!
Car was sent to the dealership, and i was told parts were ordered by VIN #. So I'm assuming the computer pulled up the right parts.

But i just got the car back, and it has settled quite a bit. The gap is almost the same as the pass side; it might need another day or so.

I was kind of in a hurry so i didn't check how the spring was seated.
Anyone know if the GT springs are the same color as the boss's?
One thing i noticed, since the rear suspension change, at speeds +40mph with about 1cm throttle, i hear a whining noise from driver side rear end. any idea what it could be?

Noise is most noticeable in 6th gear, probably because of less exhaust noise. but it's only heard with small amount of throttle, or during throttle lift.

if you guys have any ideas of what it could be, let me know!
hmm, may be pinion whine, i never had this noise before.

i've had the torsen noise above 60mph, before and after the accident. this whine is louder than the torsen noise.

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