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Renegade BOSS

Hello guys,

So, I am in the military stationed in Japan and there was an import car show this weekend at Fuji Speedway. I know what most people think of immediately after seeing import, but, remember I am in Japan so our domestics and the exotics are the imports here. Anyway as I am walking through the hundreds of Lambos and Ferraris I see in the distance this familiarly colored top. Well it turns out that School Bus Yellow number 365 or maybe 369 I don't really remember the number he gave me, I was just so excited to see a BOSS here, but it made it out to Japan and is the proud property of a very nice guy, a Japanese Mustang fanatic if you will! Anyhow I just wanted to give you guys an update on where our BOSSES are ending up so that we can eventually find them for the registry. I know that with time a lot of cars get moved around and stuff but it is amazing the kind of cars and the condition of some of our domestic cars I have seen here being driven around. There were a few original AC Cobras, a 68 GT500 and some Panteras running around the show too but I guess those are finds for another site!

Stay safe and keep enjoying your BOSSES!
Very cool, that's the first Boss I've heard of in Japan. You should have him join the forum.
No problem guys! I think it would be cool if he joined too, but luckily I had one of my Japanese friends there cause the guy did not speak english at all, lol! I still got his contact info so I'll try and get in touch with him so that he can, maybe with the help of an electronic translator or something at least partake.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
I've seen a couple S197s in Tokyo when I've been there on business, very rare cars over there. There used to be a shop near Omori Kaigan that sold Saleens, I think they closed their doors a year or two ago.
I know its not Japan.......but while driving around Kosovo I saw a new pontiac GTO. I met up with the guy and turns out he collects american muscle cars. Had some older mustangs and camaros also. Never would have thought to see ANY american cars in that country.

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