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Road Atlanta PDX 7/15/12

My 2nd PDX, 1st at Road Atlanta. I'm a slow noob, but it's a big change from autocrossing a Caterham Super 7 (my last car). I'm signed off to Group B, though ;D
Looked and sounded good. It is tempting to turn in and apex early on Turn 2 which messes you up for Turn 3. I start my turn in at the top of the hill when I reach the flag station, and then I apex a little later (which you did on the 2nd lap).

Here is my video from February, my 3rd time at RA. The Pirellis did not handle all that well in the high 40's, so I had to dial it back a bit. Note the slightly different lines I take through some of the turns.
I just flat missed my braking point for turn 3 on the first lap. I had been held up by the 350Z for 2 laps, and I let my concentration slip for a moment; lesson learned. I like the slightly earlier apex you used on 3, as it smoothes out the steering input through that turn a little bit. That is one of the items on my to do list next time out.

As to tire pressures, I ran 43, 41, and 37 psi starting pressures at Atlanta Motorsports Park in June. I found the over 40 psi pressures, while stable, left the car uncommunicative and tending to push. The 37 psi setting made the car's tires move more; the tires felt more "squiggly", the rear rotated better, push was reduced, and the car was faster. At all 3 settings, post run tire temperature readings revealed higher temperatures at the center of the tire than either edge, indicating over inflation. At Road Atlanta, I ran 35 psi for both runs. The car's handling was similar to the 37 psi runs at AMP, but the temperature readings were more uniform across the tire. The rears were still slightly high in the center, but the fronts graduated evenly from lowest to highest temperature as I moved from the outside of the tire to the inside. I expect my next time out, I will try 34 and 33 psi. As tire pressure drops, the contact patch improves until under inflation causes the center of the tire to lose contact (AFAIK), so I want to test pressures until I find the point of diminishing returns. I know the car is faster and more engaging to drive at lower pressures.

Where did you get your AMP decal? I would like to have one, but as AMP barely has a parking lot, let alone a merchandise shop, I couldn't locate one when I was there.
Yeah, the bad part about about having an instructor in the car is they tend to get chatty and make it hard to concentrate. :D

I keep my pressure at 38 PSI in the front and 36 PSI in the rear. It seems to keep the corners wearing evenly on AMP and CMP and the car handles great.

I get my decals at

They come in 2" and 4" size, and I use the 4". I have one for VIR and Barber that I hope to put on there in the fall.

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