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SCCA and NASA Classifications

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Just wondering if anyone perhaps has their "ear to the ground" more than I do as to how the Boss is going to be end up being classified by the SCCA and NASA. From what I know thus far, SCCA is proposing B Stock for the Boss and making the LS ineligible for Stock classing. On the NASA front, I have no info yet at all. However, they already place a stock 2011 GT in TTB, and the way they are judging Mustangs with a bone stock GT being the base doesn't seem like it's going to make much of any Boss owners happy.

So, insiders...what do ya know? ???
Welcome to BMO. There's a few members in SCCA and NASA so hopefully they'll have some insight for you.
Thank you :) Plotting my builds is all I have to occupy me whilst I wait for spring AND my Boss...
Well, that's where the NASA thing is really holding me up. In my (I think unlikely) fantasy that these somehow get thrown into TTB, then I will need to choose my points carefully. 275 18's on all corners is a good bang for the buck. Caster/camber plates maybe as well. Could be some value in the LS splitter, as well as the brake duct cooling. Mine is coming with the Torsen diff already, so that's a few points right out of the gate.

The big factor is what the "stock" suspension is really capable of doing. I just can't know until I run the car. If the car is as brilliant as we're hearing, then hopefully I won't have to do much there.

However, if the classing bumps the car into non-contention, then the plan is to go all-out, and screw the classing :D. Wherever that lands me is where that lands me, I guess. I am not, after all, a pro - but I want to be competitive and I want fast laps, and I want to have fun!
The fact that SCCA would disallow the LS in "Stock" category is not surprising. When I was corresponding with some of the national officers about the Shelby Terlingua, they indicated that one of the criteria for stock classes was to have production runs of 1,000 units or more; thus eliminating the Laguna Seca.
Yeah that doesn't shock me much. Will the Boss be able to knock off the S2000 guys in B? Time will tell.
sprint200 said:
they indicated that one of the criteria for stock classes was to have production runs of 1,000 units or more; thus eliminating the Laguna Seca.

except that 1500 units are planned
Isn't that over the course of two years time, though? Making it 750/year, and therefore under the threshold?
Although technically the LS is just option 501A on the production Boss 302, so in my mind it would fall into the same class or catagory.
Also I thought Id heard there was only going to be 500 LS for 2012 and 500 for 2013 for a total of 1000.
SCCA Solo2/Pro Solo moved the Boss to A-Stock from B. It's also in ESP along with the 2011-2012 GT.

The LS exclusion should have nothing to do with units made since it is like CDGun states, a 501A option. SCCA is just afraid of every new car that's made today thinking it will upset the apple cart. Although the LS has 1mm stiffer swaybars and slightly stiffer shock/strut damping, it will not perform any better in autocross than the regular Boss. Besides, FSB is open and so is shock damping in Stock so the only real advantage is the 1mm rear bar. Go figure.......

More disappointment - NASA went with TTA* for the base Boss...

Really torn about that one. TTA was bad enough, but 7 flippin points on top of that? TTA is presently ruled by Vettes and Evos on Hoosiers, that are lighter than Mustangs, and have much better power-weight ratios that what I'll be able to achieve with TTA* as a starting point. With the penalty I'll take for the Torsen, I'll be able to get into some Hoosiers , but that will be basically it. And I'd dearly love some points to add a bit of top-end or drop some weight on top of that so my base numbers add up to a competitive car. But as it stands right now, the math just doesn't work out.

I'll likely run some HPDEs for lap times and such, to test the theory and see what I can do, but before this I was all-in for NASA racing, and now I just don't know. Mustangs haven't really been competitive in TTA or TTB for some time now, and I am far from the only person to decry base classing of Mustangs in NASA? Likely I shall be forced to seek my entertainment elsewhere :D
Yeah I have been following that for some time. I was really excited to see Terry try a build and see what he could do, but it looks like he came to some of the same conclusions I did. Dissappointing.
Jimmy Pribble said:
Here is another fella who came to the same conclusion (he has a 2011 GT 5.0). He details his reasoning in this well-done post:


He made a good point that is alway in the back of my mind- don't track a car that you can't afford to lose. HPDE is not as risky as TT, but there is still always a chance that something can happen. I certainly couldn't afford to lose a Boss, and if I don't take it on the track there is no point of buying it as far as I am concerned. The longer I keep the Bullitt, the more I can risk it, but even that would hurt. I certainly won't be doing any more than DE2 in either car.

Sorry, I guess this has become the "reality check" thread.

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