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Schroth Quick Fit Belt/Harness System(s)

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5 miles from Mosport
I have one (QuickFit Pro - HANS compatible), it works well. Doesn't disable any of the built in safety devices such as the seatbelt pretensioner, makes it very easy to switch to the 3 point belt for legal highway use. Not terribly difficult to install, I think it took an hour or two.

However, even with factory Recaros and QuickFit Pro with the changes I've made to the car I am now back to not having enough lateral support and end up wiggling around in the seat to get back into position at least once every lap. I am in the process of going to real race seats with better side bolstering, Watson 4 point bar and 6 point harnesses. It just depends on how far you are going to take your car.
Bay Area
IMHO, if you’re tracking you car. Just install a roll bar and do a 6 point harness. when it comes to safety put your life and family in mind first. And FYI, mine is a dual purpose car with a Watson 4 point roll bar and Schroth 6 points that can be removed in minutes.
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Gibsonia, PA
Thanks Folks:

Since I'll be tracking my car a maximum of four times per summer, and trying to keep the car easily convertible back to stock, I'm thinking that these may be the way to go. Thanks for the feedback!
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Just check with the track and groups you run with to make sure they'll pass tech.

You're close to Pitt Race and I have no idea of their policies. Pocono is ok with them but NJMP does not approve.

I believe some groups such as PCA do not like the Quick-Fits.
Monaca Pa
Mark if you are doing Track Nights SCCA they are fine.. My friend uses them in his S550. And other friends that do hpde use stock seat belts.. Hope to see you at Pittsburgh International Race Complex.

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