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"Service Advancetrac"

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Second session air temperature 72 or so, exiting turn 5 on the infield at Daytona.

Track out and power on...........the car stumbles no power.

I look at the dash and it's light up like a Christmas Tree; check engine light, ABS light, TCS light, etc.

Drive off course behind turn six, park behind wall………

Turn car off, turn it on, dash says, "Service Advancetrac", ABS light and TCS lights still on...........

Return to garage, cycle car on/off about ten times, "Service Advancetrac" is still illuminated.

Take battery cables off of battery, "Service Advancetrac" is still illuminated.

Luckily Gary Yeomans is only a few miles away, so I drive over.

Service Department is great, they pull DTCS codes C1B00:63 and C0063.62-C8

I recall him saying “yaw sensor and steering wheel position sensor” didn’t like what they saw….reset, drove car for a half mile above 45 m.p.h. fault didn’t return.

Took car back to Daytona and ran final session of the day, no problems.

Have four sessions tomorrow (Sunday) hope no other problems………….

Anyone else get this code? Tech related this was a second diagnostic level fault (??) and can only be cleared by Ford?

P.S. No tune.......


If I had to guess without trackey the car is trying to read "normal driving" functions......You, using the car in a performance situation, the car may have considered it "not how the car should be", shut the car down so the driver wouldnt be in perril. This could be the advantage of "600 parameters" being shut down by track key. maybe?
OLOABoss said:
Were you running with the nanny's on or off?


Advantrac was in Sport Mode.

Sunday Morning, ran first session with everthing off, no problems

Second Session "Sport Mode" got the "Service Advancetrac" no power loss keep running.............

Ran third session with the "Service Advancetrac" message, no problems other than the message...............

When I left I put the street tires back on and after the sensors in the tires registered the "Service Advancetrac" went away.

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