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Set a New World Record at Sebring !!!

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Slowest lap ever in a Mustang :eek: Spend most of the time trying to keep the Boss straight with only one hand on the wheel, the other was being used for point-bys

I did however load the Boss up in one piece at days end, not everyone today can say the same sadly. There was just awful weather all day from the unload to reload, guess it had to happen sooner or later since I have had great luck this year so far with the weather.
Yeah that running in the rain will improve your pucker power.
You're braver (or crazier) soul than I. When it rains I stay off the track. I have seen too many battered cars and dirty drawers by the end of the session when the track gets wet. I don't have a sponsor to give me another car if I wreck it.
Wasn't brave or crazy, just cheap - didn't want to lose $300 for nothin ::) Other big reason was I had to do a "check ride" with Chin to be able to run solo with them. I did pick up some nice tips from the gentlemen that rode with me. He gave me a some good ideas for entering bishops bend that should help me get through there smoother and hopefully faster. He also pointed out a few land marks to use off the back and front straight, there are many ways to negotiate these turns but by using the landmarks I hope to make them more consistent.

He also showed me some tips on using the different surfaces to enter some of the turns. Again using these can made you more consistent. The different surfaces like concrete, asphalt and tar make the track fun and I like it, the Boss is able to handle even the roughest areas well. I had hoped to practice corning even if it was very slow, you can still learn doing this but most of the day you could not even get close to the apex and certainly not on them with the paint. The problem also was the rain was so heavy it left puddles in more then just the apexes. I tried going 90 once and hitting some of the puddles would almost pull the wheel out of my hands, so I never did more then 80 the rest of the day. Sounds slow but think about hitting standing water on a street doing 80!

The two worst wrecks I saw were crossing the (wide painted) start finish line, I almost lost it myself there first session and shortly after that a Porsche lost it and went head on into the wall. Given this I thought three sessions was pushing it enough and packed up. I did not want to think I was gaining more confident in the rain then I had skill.

Rick - I have run a few times on wet tracks and light rain but this was totally different. It was way too much for anyone that is not a serious racer.

First session pics


Yeah the wet start finish line at Sebring has caught more than 1 person by surprise. I remember the 1st time I spun the tires crossing the line in the GT2 at full boost. Definently a code brown moment.

Sebring in the rain :eek: Lots of standing water, poor drainage................and the painted start/finish, I did two laps and called it quits for the session a couple of years ago, reminded me of driving on ice...............
You're braver (or crazier) soul than I. When it rains I stay off the track. I have seen too many battered cars and dirty drawers by the end of the session when the track gets wet. I don't have a sponsor to give me another car if I wreck it.
This. The way I see it, you can only lose running DE or TT in the rain. I drove 5 hours to MPH last week to run two practice sessions Friday afternoon, only to pack up and leave mid-morning Saturday due to rain and forecast to continue through the two day weekend event. Sure I "lost" the $350 entry fee plus a few hundred more in gas to trailer down and back, but that beats an additional few thousand to repair the Boss and not get any fun out of it. I'll go back this weekend for one last hurrah before the snow flies. Now that's a pucker factor! :D
cloud9 said:
On a scale of 0-10 the pucker factor looks like it was 11! :eek:

It was interesting, that was for sure. I did get my check ride and learned you lift over painted start finish lines. Close but it was not a total loss ;D I was going so slow even if I went off track it would not have been bad.

Got rained out of the last session at Homestead today, stalled front over the very southern tip of the state, Sebring was sunny all day :'( I did get some nice runs in for the second time there, not perfect but man did I learn some stuff at Miller ;D :D ;D

Todays lesson boys and girls .... take it easy on lap one. How many times do they say this?


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