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Shelby Meet- New vs. Old at Hallett

Tulsa, OK
Here are a couple laps from the first session in the race group at the Shelby Meet last Friday at Hallett. Following the vintage mustang in front of me was AWESOME! This was a Baer sponsored car that had a new Boss engine, modern suspension, big brakes, and 315 BFG Rivals on all corners. On corner exit he would lay two strips of rubber and lift the front inside tire, then lock up the brakes on the next There were a ton of mustangs out on track this weekend and the weather was great. My clutch went out about two laps after the video ends, but my passenger and I were having a ton of fun up until then :) Enjoy!


sucks that your clutch went out like that. I think Steve had a similar problem at summit point, and somehow drove it home with a broken clutch spring.
being a baer car, his brakes didn't seem to be the strongest point of the car :p You seemed to have alot more confidence in your brakes.

Could you share what brakes and tires you had on at the time?
Tulsa, OK
Thanks! Yes, I remember hearing about Steve's problems. There was no way my car was going anywhere under it's own power when the spring broke...

Ha...yeah I think the brakes were a little too much for the tires and for how light the car was. That car on a set of slicks would FLY!! I could out brake and corner him but on the straights he was gone gone gone.

I'm using Carbotech xp 24/10 pads, centric blank rotors, and Pirelli 305/645/18 slicks. I've been really happy with the whole brake and tire package.
I used to bemoan the fact that the real "musclecar era" was over by the time I could buy a car...150 horse 350 chevys were the norm,,,crappy gas..etc. We are sooo fortunate that we have seen a revival of the musclecar in our lifetime while we're still young enough to own one. I do hate all of the "driver's aids" as I am a purists but I'm not going to complain too loudly.

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