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Silver State Challenge

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Last Sunday I drove my Boss in the 90 mile open road race called the Silver State Challenge, which takes place on a closed hwy, called 318 in Nevada. Our Target speed for the 90 miles was to average 130 mph for the 90 miles, with a tech speed of 165. The car performed perfectly. The only modifications add was the Cooltech roll bar with a cross brace and 6 point seatbelts. The fastest we went according to our GPS was 157 mph. We ended up with 1st place with an average speed of 130.0046, with a time varence of 0.0874. This was our 4th time particapating this race, twice at 110 mph and once at 125 mph. This is really a fun event, there is a race in May and Sept. You should all look into it. Its fun to go Fast! P.S. I average 13.1 mpg.
Very cool, congratulations! In for photos. Where do you live?
Awesome! I got the diagonal from CoolTech for that very reason. Would you recommend starting at the 110, 125, or the 130 for someone with half a dozen track days under their belt?
Your rookie race you have a choice of 95, 100, 105, or 110. Your second race you have a choice of 115, 120 or 125. Your 3rd race, 130, 135, 140, 145 or 150. 4th race 160, 5th race 170, and 6th race 180 mph. And if you are really crazy, theres an unlimited class, current record 217.5 mph average speed for the 90 miles, set this last May.

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