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Some Comments from Grand-Am Driver Billy Johnson


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Regarding BOSS302R testing for the 2011 Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge:

Now we found ourselves at the December Homestead tire test with our old faithful No. 61 Ford Racing FR500C Mustang as well as a new hot-rod BOSS 302R (chassis #007) that we were doing some initial testing with. Our FR500C worked flawlessly and gave us a good benchmark of where we were at compared to the rest of the field, and also gave us a target to shoot for in the new car. With almost five years of development under its belt, the FR500C continued to show how good of a car it is and how we were able to achieve such great results this year. Speed and consistency are what it takes in racing, and that is what we have achieved with the FR500C Mustang. Now the BOSS has the new 5.0L RoadRunner engine in it which differs slightly from the base 2011's 5.0L Coyote engine.

Though we found the new BOSS to be a very good racecar, it became clear during the test session that it needs to have a wing approved by the series for drivability, longevity, and safety. And that pretty much sums up our feelings for using the new car in 2011 – we will only consider running this car next season given a rear wing rule concession that we’re comfortable with.

I know a few other teams have already run the 302R in the 2010 season (302Rs racking up the most laps led, as well), but this is an interesting viewpoint from a very competitive team coming from the FR500C.

This doesn't mean anyone planning to track a 302 should go out and get a wing installed...just food for thought for those of us that will be hitting the track often.
I plan on installing a GT500 spoiler for a little extra downforce when picking up groceries. ;)
I guess the wider rear deck of the 05-09s is a little better from an airflow management perspective than the narrower deck of the 10+

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