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Sound deadening in console?

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In trying to formulate a plan of attack for quieting my noisy shifter now that I swapped out to an aftermarket bracket, I was wondering if there was any sound deadening under the console. I saw a thread on TMS that showed a layer of sound deadening over the trans tunnel and underneath the console on a "regular" Mustang, but am wondering if that had been deleted on the Boss. Anyone know for sure?


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It's still there. If you want to add additional stuff I'd recommending applying Dynamat to the underside of the tunnel in the shifter area, as well as the in-cabin side.


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My MGW shifter came with a sheet of dynomat. I just placed it around the shifter opening on the inside of the cabin. you may want to put some on the bottom of your shifter box as its just a piece of stamped steel that is very thin and will rattle like a can as well. The MGW shifter also comes with another part of thick sound deading mat to place over the factory piece that is there already.

If you go to the MGW web site there install video shows what they did to quiet it up.
One of the features touted about the Boss was a 35% reduction in sound deadening material, I suppose to make it feel more rough around the edges than a GT. I am not sure where they deleted it.

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