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Steeda Boss Springs and camber

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I recall someone saying they used these springs but could not get more than -2.2 deg. of camber due to shock tower binding. My question is, was that a one-off defect, or has anybody with these been able to achieve more camber without binding?
I'm not sure if it was a one off but that was OLOABoss aka Peter that had that issue.
Ouch. Well, so far, the only folks I have found on the interwebz that are really happy with these seem to be folks who also aren't running camber plates. Shame really, the drop and spring rates of these are appealing.


LateApex said:
Hmm, hopefully he chimes in.

Maybe nobody else tried these. ???

OLOABoss here and yes all I could get was around -2.0 before binding. The MM Camber plates had more but not without binding. Would seriously consider the Ford Racing P springs instead.

Thanks - yeah not much choice I guess, since Ford's Boss springs are total vaporware. I might wait for them if there was even a vague idea of when they were coming out, but it's Track Key all over again...

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
Let me ask this, then - did the P springs really stiffen things up? My fear is that they are basically stock stiffness, just lowered. How much of the increased stiffness issue to the upgraded shocks?
Well, OK then. Pulling the trigger Tuesday on a bunch of stuff, and I guess the P's will make the cut.
5 DOT 0 said:
I think most of it is the springs. I set my stock dampers on full stiff in prep for my new suspension. My new dampers were set one from full soft and I didn't think it was much different feeling. Until I took a corner fast and got on the brakes hard. The P springs are definitely stiffer.

What did you use for the New Dampers and why swap from stock ????
I did see that you used the M-18000-C dampers.
Just wondering how much better these are ove the standard Boss Dampers ????
Just installed the Steeda Boss Springs. I had -2.2 deg on left and -2.5 deg on right(so I evened them at -2.2) with MM plates. It seemed like the plates were the limiting factor and not really the spring/strut. I used the stock dampers. Total lowering was 0" front and exactly 1" rear. General Street ride seems the same(wife didn't notice any difference). But the brake dive and roll control seems better. Taking it to Fontana/Autoclub again this weekend to see the improvement.

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