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strange rattle from passenger side

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Any of you guys have troubles with the side exhaust rattling? This started yesterday and only does it sometimes. is there a quick fix?


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There are other posts on this. First, check the 3 bolts holding the side pipe. If not loose at all, you probably just need to adjust the 3 bolts that hold the side pipe in place (2 on the flange entering the pipe and 1 at the exhaust end). For me, all I had to do is loosen all 3 bolts a little, raise the pipe up as far as it would go (without forcing it) and tighten the 2 flange bolts while in that position, then re-tighten the exhaust end bolt. This causes the exhaust end of the pipe to point a little more in a downward direction and creates a little more distancebetween the top of the pipe and the chassis.

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