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Strange Noise after Bolton install

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I just had installed: jlt cai, 2018 intake manifold, lth and catless midpipes.

When driving I can hear a new noise. It sounds like static on the radio from under the car. It only happens when I am using any throttle. If I'm driving down the road in any gear and put it in neutral it immediately stops.

Could it be the cai or the clamps on the midtubes?

Or do the factory cats act as a suppressor and I'm now heading noise that was once muted?
The factory cats do act as a noise suppressor, but you should go through and check connections anyway, the "hiss" you desc ribe is similar to an exhaust leak in some cases, Make very sure the pipes are properly mated to the headers (exhaust manifolds) . I would loosen everything up now that the exhaust has been run hot, tighten the bolts at the exhaust manifolds and work my way back.. You will also need a way to shut off the down stream O2 sensors because they will throw check engine codes and try to mess with the tuning, also make sure all those sensor holes are plugged.

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