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New Eaton TrueTrac installed - bad noise off throttle while turning right.

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Duane Black

Curbs go brrrppp
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5-10 Years
Durham, NC
So as the title says...

I used 80w90 gear oil for it, as the company calls for. Its quiet decelerating and turning left... but loading up the housing when making a right turn makes a lot of noise.

Any ideas? Is this normal?
It would be awfully strange that the wheel bearing died right as I changed a differential... and that the wheel bearing noise goes away on throttle
Maybe not, if the new diff is trying to load that side and the bearing was already on its way out... assuming the old diff was toast to begin with. With both sides loaded equally, it might not be apparent.
Something we ran into at Daytona, after we assembled a diff, was that one side had enough runout to cause some racket, the axle flange was bent. Why that didn't show up with the old limited slip unit was kind of baffling. Enough so that I will always check the axles and install new bearings any time I have one apart from now on.

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