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Street Racing

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Coming home about 1 AM last night from watching a great blues band. Dropped my buddy by his car, a 2007 V6 Stang, and headed home. He passed me as we were heading down a road that apparently is notorious among the local police for street racing. I guess that because there were 2 Mustangs going about 45-50 in a 35, (Yes, we were speeding. Guilty as charged) this cop assumes that there is "racing" going on and pulls my buddy over and cites him for street racing. Wierd thing was that the police officer passed the bright green, obnoxiously loud Boss in order to pull the V6 over. Oh, and apparently the cop DID tell my buddy that the locals know my car and are gunning for it. Even though I've never done a thing. Nice. That also makes it even stranger that he passed me to pull my buddy over.

Anyway, my buddy (40 year old father of 2) is now gonna have to spend a fortune to defend himself against a charge of which he is completely innocent.

No real point to this post, just venting. And saying be careful, we are targets.
The defense is simple, yet he'll have to fight it. IF IT WAS A RACE, the Boss would be in the front. Since it wasn't in front, it wasn't a race.

Sorry to hear about it. Hope he wins.
In FL it's a 1st degree misdemeanor with a $1000 fine and up to 1 year in jail. Ridiculous. And yes, that is the same defense I considered. The "Are you freakin' kidding me?" defense. Oh, and the speed we were going is the norm on that street during the daytime.
Being a "target" for the popo is one reason I refuse to drink a drop when driving this car. If the girlfriend and I go out for a cocktail we take her Camry, not nearly as much fun to drive.
RJ said:
Being a "target" for the popo is one reason I refuse to drink a drop when driving this car. If the girlfriend and I go out for a cocktail we take her Camry, not nearly as much fun to drive.

Its never good to drink and drive no matter what
Car your in
If he doesn't show up in court it gets thrown out. Plead not guilty, keep postponing it until the officer no shows. Or he could advise the judge he will settle for a speeding ticket as that is all he was doing.
Most departments have caught on to that trick
Now if the officer is a no show they can and usually get a day or
Two off

So that tricks isnt as common as it used to be
I wasn't racing but thought I'd tell you another simalar with a good ending.I ran my Boss through the gears,up to 4th gear.Went by a cop at 80 mph,He turned his lights on as soon as I went by,I pulled over right away before he even got out of the driveway.I told him I didn't relize I was up to 80 so fast.He sat there and watched the whole episode.He ran my information,came back to my car and told me the next time I want to relive my youth do it some where else,and let me go with a warning.Then he said,By the way,thats a very nice Mustang.


Here when your caught racing you go to jail, your car gets impounded and if convicted you lose the car and it goes up for county auction. The next lesser charge is "competitive motion" which means only one car needs to be stopped. Now this is info from the 90's...........cant swear what happens now but I'm sure it's no better.
These are all the reasons I have a great radar detector and a great laser jammer ;D And I do slam my brakes if they go off. Yes cops are going to be watching for these cars for sure what you need is this--


Sorry about your luck just have him go in court and simply say do you really think I was racing with a crappy 6 cylinder your honor ;D

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