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Stripe issue question

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Ok,I will try to make sense of this.The stripes on my 13 B2 are lifting ,so I took it to ford for a claim.I asked them if I could take the stripes home with me & have them put on at a later date when it got to the point I can no longer stand it.I asked this to prevent multiple claims for stripes over the yrs.At first,the ford bodyshop guy said yes,but after he submitted it & ford said they would cover it,he was hesitant to just give me the stripes.He stated "what if ford wants proof of the install by asking for a sample of the take off stripes sent back to ford.
My question is,has anyone else heard or dealt with this issue or problem.The stripes are on order & should be in soon.They will get covered by ford claims for the labor to install them & I'm planning on getting it in writing that when I do take it back to have them installed it's already paid for..
Any info or advise would be helpful.


Depending on the dealership and the amount of claims, the dealership is required to "hold" the removed part for a time period, just incase ford calls for it. Ford can either inspect the item to fix the fleet or they may just want to make sure the dealership isnt making false labor and parts claims just to make money. The problem with you receiving the part lays in Ford has to warranty the even if you apply them right and they doesnt want to warranty your labor.
The first dealership i worked at we werent required to save removed parts.......when i went to a bigger dealership i just threw the old stuff away, they parts manager came out one day and asked for certain items that i didnt have......i almost had to pay for them! It keeps the honest dealership honest.

The other problem is if the dealer lets you do it they still file a false labor claim to ford that one of the mechanics there did the you get crybaby techs fighting over the money for work nobody did.

let them install the stripes......your life will be easier LOL,
I do plan on letting ford install the stripes once they get pretty bad.I just wanted to get the replacement stripes while car is under warranty.The labor claim will be honest as they will be installing them.


If i remember they have to open a claim.............then they have a certain amount of time to take care of it.
Why wait? If they're going to peel again atleast you have a better chance of still being under warranty.


do yourself a favor, take measurements and photos with a ruler as reference and print the photos so the body shop can duplicate the exact locations!
There are templates and guides to ensure placement. They aren't laid by the eye. I'd be more worried of them taking them off properly. Inspect your paint carefully before and after.
dealership did mine perfectly. they actually brought in a sign company to do the install. I wouldn't worry about it. new ones are perfect and have no issues.

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