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Sweet Grabber Blue Adidas!

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Just picked up a pair of killer AR 2.0 Adidas at The Finish Line in a color that looks almost identical to grabber blue. I love how the side sole is black, like the tires of a car instead of white or the same blue of a shoe. I haven't compared it to the car to see if it is an exact match. Still in the mall. I'm psyched!

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Ha it was

Was struggling to get the pic to post. I need to see an orange in person and I'm sure I can find some kicks ;) have yet to see a 2012 here on the road in Austin.
I only see two. ;D
Yeah it is tough. I wear 13s and Adidas run narrow. They didn't have a 14. Have you seen the Shelby driving shoes in blue?
fbbob96 said:
Not bad. I would like a real geek if I got a pair of yellow ones! :eek:

Not with the right shoe. There is a pair of yellow Jordan's I've been thinking of getting. This pic looks more bright yellow than they really are. It is actually closer to SBY now that I think about it.5upu4e5y.jpg

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I don't rock the 13s, but my 12 4E's fit in the Puma driving shoes. My feet are too wide for the pedals on a lot of manual cars, my old Evo was really bad, and they squish my feet enough that I can actually hit one pedal at a time. They are comfortable enough for driving, but I bring another pair of shoes if I am going to be needing to walk around a lot or I get blisters (ie track days). I also have some Simpson FIA shoes but I usually don't wear them because they wear out really fast if you use them for walking around. I'd try the Pumas if you see them at the store, they don't have any real structure to them so they conform to your foot while squeezing so they don't hurt like regular shoes that are too small, and once you find a size that fits they are always on sale somewhere online.

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Nike shoes are more fluorescent orange than I'd like, but I had to have this shirt when I saw it in the store:,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-100701/pid-509038/pgid-699790
dgc76 said:
Hey Darth, how close was the color compared to the car?

Ha! Just checked. The shiny leather portion is almost identical. I'll snap a pic in a little bit. My nieces bought me the Zaino kit for Xmas and I'm finishing my second coat. Also got my windows tinted yesterday with some gift certificates. My LS spoiler swap is next week :)


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Thanks. Ordered a pair. Also, the family got me a Sypder coat in collegiate blue and a North Face Athens blue cap. They match really great.

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