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SYNC Indexing forever issue fix

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Hi all,

Just wanted to share how I got rid of this SYNC Indexing music forever issue on my 2013 Boss 302 when streaming audio from the USB source. I tried all sorts of things (deleting phone, re-adding it) and in the end this is what I had to do (semi ridiculous)

1. Go to passenger side kick panel.
2. Remove panel (bottom right), you'll have to do some interest contorting of your body.
3. You'll see this cheap black paper velcroed to another piece of cheap black paper. Release velco, move top black paper to side, take off scotch tape on bottom piece of paper (yes you read that right), push that secondary paper to the side. Now the fuse box is exposed.
4. Remove the fuse box cover, note it is mounted upside down in our cars . On the other side is a fuse puller, remove it. According to our manuals #3 is the Sync. Use fuse puller and remove fuse #3 for 15 minutes. It should be the 3rd from the bottom closest to you if you climbed head in. Now Sync should be able to index your music quickly again.

Don't know why the Ford Sync gets stuck in this infinite loop. And yeah I listen to the engine all the time but I also listen to my tunes very softly at the same time. :)

- Frank
Good luck my wife owns a 2011 f150 and I will say sink ha we call it sunk you may get it fixed but for how long ::) Yeah sunk is very well known to be this way. If you buy a good enough phone it will help sunk to try and keep a float ;D Clairion nx501 this will fix all for damn sure 8) Good luck

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