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The beautiful evo retro super sexy 2015 Mustang!!

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steveespo said:
This car is going to be a winner for Ford. The rear fender line is awesome and the nose treatment is much less chunky than the 13/14 cars. Will be buying one.

Same, and oldy if you're not short sighted and ignorant it looks like a mustang. I would love to trade the Boss in for one if the price is right. Then again I feel like it will be really hard now that all of the specs are out on this gem.
I'm good with it, I'm still trying to come to grips with the nose treatment, IMO it's a little too "Fiesta-ish" but they did good on this, they could've really screwed it up royally.
I'm most excited that it keeps some of the older lines of the mustang but doesn't entirely look like one. Similar to the new Vette, everyone hated it and once it came out people started to come around. New isn't always bad.
I love the Boss, but I am already jealous :p
Having a long hood might mean a better weight distribution F/R especially with the front aluminum fenders. I just should have probably kept my STI and got this one instead ???

But here is how I relieve myself, I have already an icon in my garage and there will always be better cars, I just can not keep wanting what's better ( I am not saying the new mustang is better performing car than the Boss, we don't know yet) however I have to admit, the solid axle is not my favorite, period.
Flyboygsxr said:
Anyone know what the specs are going to be?
Not all the specs but I've posted a bunch of info on including some nice photos of the interior including the Recaro seats.
Ford did an awesome job! The Boss is still king in my book, but I'd sure love to own both. I'll wait and see what special editions come out over the next couple years. Who knows maybe a Boss 351 will appear. Til then I'm keeping the Boss 302. I still think they should call the 2.3 ecoboost (SVO). There are a lot of folks that would eat up the return of the SVO just as we did the Boss.


Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
The wife wasn't on board with it. But I make the $$ so hahaha. J/K! But if we got one, it'd likely be a Ecoboost droptop with the crazy automatic so she could drive. She can drive stick, but it makes her nervous so, it's a compromise.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I didnt like any of the renderings or the pics in that mag article. but seeing it in person I want one. I dont want to trade my boss in on one I would like to get a eco boosted version for a DD. the wife really likes it and is thinking about trading in her car for one.

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